Founding the Foundation

posted Jan 20, 2014, 2:53 PM by Marcus Cranston   [ updated Jan 20, 2014, 2:57 PM ]

Over the past few months, we have drafted bylaws, elected officers, incorporated with the state and submitted our application to the IRS for tax-exempt status.  We have established a goal for 2014 to raise money to bring those around the world affected by Parkinson's Disease to the World Parkinson's Congress in Portland, Oregon in 2016 to advance awareness of Parkinson's Disease worldwide.  "Run-the-World 4 Parkinson's Disease" will hopefully provide the needed publicity to allow the 444 Parkinson's Foundation to meet this goal.  Now the Foundation takes another step forward, as we launch the 444 Parkinson's Foundation website.  The site offers a simply method to submit donations, an opportunity for communication with the Foundation and will provide periodic progress updates on the Foundation's activities.  Thanks to all who have shown interest and support leading to the establishment of the 444 Parkinson's Foundation and thanks to all that support our future endeavors. 

Marcus Cranston
President, 444 Parkinson's Foundation

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